Saturday, August 17, 2013

Finding a theme

I finally have a dedicated space for an easel and pastels. I have always wanted to have a place where I could leave all my pastel painting materials there instead of having to put stuff away. I figured that was the best way to find time to paint.

I hit the fear to start problem again. First off, what to paint? that took me a while to overcome and a failure attempt at a landscape.

I love landscapes in pastel, but... I took a turn and realized that maybe it's not my thing. I must find something that I am good at in a natural way.

I decided to go back to the human figure - something other artists have told me I am pretty good at that is really hard for them. Back when I was in kindergarten Mom would draw ballerinas for me and I would color them. Later, I started drawing my own and apparently some teachers were impressed at how I could draw them giving a sense of movement.

Pastel is not the best medium for face and finger/hands details I found. You have to "suggest" a lot. Then again, it's not that what catches your eye in this painting, but the correct proportions and the three-dimensional effect.

I am always learning with every drawing. I am happy I found a subject that inspires me. More ballet figures coming up hopefully!