Saturday, November 21, 2015

Painting Skies and Water with Liz - October 2015

Liz Haywood-Sullivan painting a landscape and me sitting watching her was one of my dreams for years. She is the president of IAPS (International Association of Pastel Societies). Yes, it sounds big, and it is big.

I had been following her and her work since I came back to pastel 5 years ago. Her handling of light and atmosphere are incredible.

I am a big fan of strong colors, but with her, I learnt that grays and neutrals can enhance that vibrancy that pastel only has even more!

Liz is also a beautiful human being. I had the privilege of hanging out with her for dinner and walks up by Mt. Vernon. It was a wonderful experience. She connects with her students beyond the art class.

What she teaches is invaluable. It changed the way I think about painting. She also convinces you (and you dont even know) that you can approach painting with a plan so you dont get overwhelmed. This is very important for any artist.

I also had a first time deal staying at a house where the owner rents out room. It was great. Everything was clean and organized - just like engineers like it :). The lady renting the other room next to me was also attending the same class so... that was fun to.

As always, Lisa, Craig and the rest of the Dakota's Art Center staff hosted and made the 4 days as pleasant as it could have been.

Thanks guys!

Liz painting water and skies

The classroom

My work during class

Liz shows us how to make ripples

My try at ripples 

Lets take a pic together!
Ale, you dont have enough pastel on your face
Yeah... I think I am ok 
Lucky Craig gets a trophy
Breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast yum!
The owner of bed and breakfast was a bit OCD :)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Painting small with fall colors

I have been digging into painting red fiery trees in the fall. My reference photo gave me the idea of light and shadow areas and a sort of stormy sky to make it more dramatic.

"Dont let fall go" pastel 6x8in.