Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a landscape

I painted this back in May of this year. I had just gotten a new set of sennelier colors and I was super excited to try them out. My main interest here was to make the water fairly real in the front part of the painting. The paper was not the best choice. But I am pretty happy with this.

interest in art

Influenced by my mom when I was a child I developed a passion for drawing and painting.
I used to just draw human shapes, such as dancing ballerinas with graphite pencil. Now, I am more interested in painting landscapes with pastels.

I have become big fan of Marla Baggetta, partly because she is a pacific northwestern and because of her beautiful and colorful landscapes in pastel.

Pastel has become my favorite medium. I am not sure why, since I have not played with other mediums much. It could be because of the variety of colors, or just because I found a big box of hard pasels at home once (a 1968 set). Mom had brought them from her first visit to the US. I still have that box. I conserve it as a treasure.

My intention is to have a place where I can post some of my work. I am a real beginner at this. But very excited about that too.