Thursday, March 17, 2016

Learning to make my mark

Windy Afternnoon- pastel- 8x10- $85 Available

Last week I took a workshop from Barbara Jaenicke. The 3 days were very informative. Barbara shares tons of information from techniques to framing and more.

There were two key concepts that I came back home with determined to follow and try.

Because I have a full time job as a computer programmer, I normally do not have the time to paint that I wish I had. I am either tired or I just ran out of hours in the day.

A consequence of this is that I get impatient and want to have a painting finished quickly in order to compensate for all that time that I do not have.

By rushing, the quality of my work suffers and I end up frustrated not seeing the results I want. It affects my mark making: yes, my style is bold but that does not mean I don't have to stop and think where to place the next mark on the painting and what kind it should be.

Like with everything, if you rush you normally mess up.

This painting was done putting special attention to the placement and quality of the pastel strokes keeping truth to my typical style.

I am very pleased with it. The slowing down paid off!

Monday, March 14, 2016

My Artist's Statement - finally

Thru the glowing path- paste-11x14 - price $165 Available

I believe art is one of the few things on earth that can be done without limitations or restrictions.While you are working on your art nobody can judge you. It is only the artist, paint and canvas. The freedom one feels when working on an art piece has no limits.

Art is an escape from everyday life. It transports us to a place and mood where we get in touch with our deepest thoughts and principles: with our soul.

I have always been intrigued to know more about where we come from, what are we doing here, how can we provide value to others and maybe find some sort of answer to my existential questions.Painting the landscape makes me feel closer to the answers even if we never find them.

Art makes the soul happy.