Tuesday, October 11, 2011

interest in art

Influenced by my mom when I was a child I developed a passion for drawing and painting.
I used to just draw human shapes, such as dancing ballerinas with graphite pencil. Now, I am more interested in painting landscapes with pastels.

I have become big fan of Marla Baggetta, partly because she is a pacific northwestern and because of her beautiful and colorful landscapes in pastel.

Pastel has become my favorite medium. I am not sure why, since I have not played with other mediums much. It could be because of the variety of colors, or just because I found a big box of hard pasels at home once (a 1968 set). Mom had brought them from her first visit to the US. I still have that box. I conserve it as a treasure.

My intention is to have a place where I can post some of my work. I am a real beginner at this. But very excited about that too.

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