Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 10th

It is hard to sit down and write. Especially if you are posting frequent work related stuff.
This is me trying to do something different. Something outside of my comfort zone - the landscape.

It was challenging to decide how to leave the background, yes! the background.
The front poppy has detail and all but I kept going back and forth defining the flowers in the background and then trying to make them go back further.

The effect that we usually see with a camera picture, that fuzziness well, was really hard to do.

What would be the title for this little painting? "red poppies"...dah.

How about "Right here, right now". Yes, its just flowers at first but if you look deeper I saw something different. Concentrate your life around the present, what you have right here in front of you and enjoy it. Put the past and future in the background and take what you have now.

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