Saturday, August 15, 2015

Guest artist: Vickie Stokes

Vickie is dear friend of mine and a talented artist.
I met her about 3 years ago in one of Janet Hamilton's workshops and we have painted together many many times.

A woman of many talents, Vickie finds the time for family, business, art and sports and ... she does a very good job in all these fields!

As a person, she is one of the nicest gal's. She is always supportive of the people around her. I can speak to that. I have experienced her nice words of encouragement whenever I feel my art work is not going well. She is always there to cheer you up and give you confidence. It does work for me. Hence, it is very enjoyable to be around her sharing a common activity or just hanging out.

Her paintings are bold and full of color. She can come up with something striking in a very short period of time.

She can paint the landscape (our favorite thing) but has no trouble with figures and nature subjects.

In her pieces you can quickly get a very realistic 3 dimensional feeling as she finds the right colors and values to set the light and shadow in the composition.

Vickie's art work was for display recently at  Gallery North in Edmonds  where she won "First Place" for her pastel painting "Oyster Dome"at their "Beauty of the Northwest" annual exhibition.

-Oyster Dome-

Another aspect of Vickie's artistic side that I admire very much is that she is not afraid of working big size paintings. She usually goes for 16x20 at minimum. Here she is showing what I mean by size. Crazy!

Vickie loves outdoor activities. She runs marathons, which to me, makes her a full blown athlete. One time she showed up to paint with me at a workshop after running a 20 mile marathon. I could not believe it.

Finally but not even close to finish my list, she owns a restaurant. Yes! she owns an italian restaurant and pizzeria in Marysville called Cristiano's. Which I have to go check out soon.

I could write a book about all the things she does and more of her talents and gifts. But you can just ask her! 

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