Saturday, February 13, 2016

Documenting the process

Through the fields of color - pastel - 9x12 - price $100 Available

This was a quick painting I did today to document my own steps.

Blank "canvas". I was trying a new kind of paper today... did not like but worth to give it a shot.

Started with the drawing and blocking dark areas.

I covered the whole paper by blending all of it.

I start adding the next layer,  defined the path, trees in the back and some foreground grass.

More grass in the background area, and warm green on the trees.

Now I start with some of the flowers. Also made the sky more interesting. I added definition where the trees meet the sky.

Warming up the path so that its more inviting. Also started some white flowers.

Fun part: more flowers and defined grasses in the foreground.

Added some pink to the background trees/mountains, lightened up the background grass area and overall marks to unify the whole painting.

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