Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Art Journal- Plein Air finished in studio

After coming back from "art camp" with Richard McKinley last August, I kept going out to find places to paint outside. I knew summer was almost over here in Washington. So before everything gets gray out there, I grabbed the heavy backpack and fought being tired after work to start some field sketches and take a lot of pictures for later reference.

I ended up with many unfinished paintings. Some I thought were ok and then I realized they were pretty washed out because it was so bright out that I could not get the values right.

Here are some of the progress shots for 2 of the paintings.

I started this one at Marymoor Park. It was really hot that day, so I was trying to hide under some shade.

It looked pretty cool while I was out in the field but when I came home I asked for advice and realized there was not much gradation of color. It was pretty "white". Its easy to paint very bright when you are outside and your eyes are absorbing so much light.

Back in the studio, I grabbed some of the really dark terry ludwig sticks and worked on getting that contrast defined. It definitely ended up with some drama. And lots of blue.

"Last day of summer" 8x10

The second painting got started in the field, by the Centennial Trail close to Snohomish. After scouting the area, I concluded that the barn was interesting, and the light of the sun dripping down the willows was fascinating.

And again, the painting did not have the right amount of dark and bright contrast that attracted me in the first place.

Also, there was a lot of light color already applied, so I decided to darken the shade areas. That instantly did it!

"Weeping by the barn" 8x10

These two paintings will be available for sale starting September 15th at Christopher Framing and Fine Art as part of the Edmonds Art Walk. The show runs for a month. Come check them out all dressed up with framing!

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