Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bellevue Arts Festival and Marla Baggetta

Super excited about meeting my favorite artist, I decided to walk by who knows how many booths of the Bellevue Arts Festival to find Marla Baggetta. The goal was to get to meet her and of course buy one of her paintings! yeah, go Ale! ...

This fair has gotten big - I was telling myself - as I walked and walked almost about thru all of it and when I started getting kinda dizzy (didnt have water with me ha) I saw it. The beautiful paintings that I had only seen online or in the form of prints were there in front of me. Marla was not there at first but I met Mike Baggetta - another great artist- and chose one of her crazy awesome pieces.

After a while I got to meet her. She has a great smile all the time and she is very warm. She remembered me from facebook! (see she doesnt have just 200 friends there ha).

This is a picture I took with my shaky hands - I was a bit excited.

the one on the left side of the picture is the one.
I stop many times of the day in my living room to look at it. It gives me a deep feeling of peace. Thanks Marla for doing what you do!

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