Saturday, October 6, 2012

I am still here

I have not blogged in a while and a lot has happened since then.

Reality is that it´s hard to find spare time to paint when you are working full time. So it´s so true that you have to make the time to do it. Still, when I am home, I have a strong tendency to procrastinate.

I went down to Argentina for vacation and then I went back for a family emergency just 15 days after I was back in the states... grandpa passed away. It surely marks the end/beginning of an era in my family.

So this time, in seven days, I decided to stay home with Mom, and concentrate on one of the things I seem to love, painting. My Mom has a lot of art supplies - she is currently working with oils-. I decided to give acrylics a shot. It was my first time with brushes and on a canvas.

Then I ventured at something I had never done... painting buildings. Its crazy how detailed you can get with a tiny brush. I like acrylics because they allow me to do what I do with pastels: block a whole section with a base color, then let it dry - which does not take more than 5 minutes- and go back to add more colors on top of it without them getting all mixed and messy.

Now my Mom shows the two pieces when friends come to the house. -Look at this one, and then, look at that one! it took her one day to do it!-

"Nothing more rewarding for me that seeing my Mom in proud mode ha!"

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