Friday, November 23, 2012

Wrapping it up

Most my friends and family know that when I start something - anything, it can be a class, a project, organizing around the house- or in this case a pastel painting, I have to finish it.
Otherwise, it will just sit there to remind me that there is stuff that needs to get done.

Well... I do this to myself. Pastel artists I know would put the painting aside. And I mean aside in a drawer, or stored in another room where they dont have to see it. I, however, put it on my painting table, right against the wall as a reminder: you need to finish this Ale! :)

I left this still life - my first attempt under the wonderful and excellent guidance of Janet Hamilton- undone. I left the grapes half way and I refused to get them done. For some reason, I didnt feel like filling up a bunch of grapes with color. It didnt seem fun.

But the rest of it, the apples, the bowl, had turned out pretty good and so thats what pushed me to start over. As always, once I reach the finish line - though, do you ever reach it in art?- the magic feeling of accomplishment comes once again to feel my soul with gratitude. I am grateful that I can work on something like this, put it together and make it look like four apples and a bunch of grapes in a copper bowl!

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