Tuesday, January 24, 2017

7-day post your art challenge

Since not all of you are on facebook, and because I would like to have it all together here, I am posting the paintings that I showed as part of the challenge.

In this "challenge" an artist nominates you (in my case it was Barbara Jaenicke) to share one painting each day for 7 days.

So here we go:

Day 1:

So today, I am sharing a painting I did in 2015. "Autumn Marsh" is a 12x16 that sold a week after I posted online on Etsy. I love painting reflections in the water and marshes usually have a lot of those.

Day 2:

For Day 2 of the 7 day facebook challenge, I am bringing another oldie. "Bothell Landing" is a 6x18 that sold Christopher Framing & Fine Art. This is a park close to my home, where I walk often usually with Ruby my dog. The reference photo was pretty gray, since it was the middle of the winter. I love this painting because of the colors. I would now use a more limited palette but at that time I was more into exploring colors and value. Enjoy!

Day 3:

Ok for day 3 of the 7 day challenge I am posting something different. "Vigilant" was one of my favorite paintings because the great blue heron is my favorite bird! They are so mysterious and they look almost prehistoric to me. This painting got juried into the Peninsula Art League show at the Harbor History Museum by artist Dawn Emerson. It was my first ever show. It ended up back at Christopher Framing & Fine Art where it sold during the holidays. 

Day 4:

Day 4 of the 7 day challenge: "Lavender Dance" is more recent than the previous work I have been showing for the challenge. This painting got juried in by Richard McKinley into the NORTHWEST PASTEL SOCIETY International Exhibition. I got to meet Richard for the first time before taking his workshop last year. I love this painting because it has favorite colors: purple, some aqua, peach and... because there is a sense of movement of grasses and flowers in the field.

Day 5:

It's day 5 of the 7-day challenge and I would like to share "Across the river". This painting is 8x10 and won "best of show" in the NORTHWEST PASTEL SOCIETY small works show. It has very strong marks and colors. I was into plein-air this last summer after taking a workshop with Richard McKinley. This one was done in Duvall, Washington. It has a watercolor underpainting and you can still see some of that in it. It was a very hot day but very windy. The water is the Snohomish River, and the buildings are some sort of garage shops.

Day 6:

It is day 6 of the 7-day challenge. I am enjoying this, since like I said... no time for painting now (at least during the week).
I would like to post "On the way to Winthrop". This painting was done after our first visit to Winthrop, Washington. Matt popped up the question during that time. So this little painting (6x8) is a little gem for me. The view is from the road, while driving, where the trees are not all evergreens, and the grass is dry and yellow. It was summer and I was trying to convey a sense of summer weather and lots of sunshine.

Day 7:

Last day of the 7-day artwork challenge. Phew! I made it.
I would like to nominate Cheryl Axford so that she can show some of her work here on facebook. I met her in a workshop at Dakota Art in Mount Vernon, Washington. She is one of the sweetest people I know.
The painting for the last day is "Spring is back". This painting is very special to me because it got a finalist award at the The Artist's Magazine s annual competition. This painting was included in the 75 finalists out of about 600 submissions in the landscape category. It marked my first high achievement and got me a chance to get published in a magazine Southwest Art Magazine for the first time. It is hanging at Christopher Framing & Fine Art currently. Barbara Courtney Jaenicke thanks again for nominating me. I really enjoyed sharing my work and write about it during these last 7 days.

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