Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mom's birthday, IAPS from the distance and the power of a limited palette

I brought a small box of pastels with me so that I could paint some small pieces and leave them for my Mom. 

I am in "La Plata" my home town in Argentina to visit her for her birthday, take reference photos (for more paintings!) and visit other relatives.

Using only the set in the picture on the left, I worked on 3 pieces of about 9x12 in. each.

Despite the fact that the photos I used were all from where I live (Bothell, WA), and predominance of green is typical of the area, I was happy to see how having a limited set of pastels can make my paintings look so similar. They look like part of a series, instead of separate different paintings.

This was my first time taking paints with me on a trip and I am glad I did and it worked so well.

My sister and mom took me to parks and other spots in town that of course I knew very well, but that now I see differently: the painters eye, ya know. Wherever I looked there was a picture to take and a potential painting. Crazy!

La Plata is a highly populated and busy town known for its green big parks located every 6 blocks any direction you go. These parks are reservoir to many trees and types of birds. Each year, more species come and join the existing ones. Trees can be huge here, they are part of city's history.

My mom with a huge "Jacaranda" tree in the back

I found out a couple days ago that the workshop with Desmond O'hagan will happen in August (sponsored by NPS in Gig Harbor, WA). This is exciting and a great opportunity for me to grow as an artist. I took some urban photos as well- I have to have some good pictures for the class.

My mom and sister posing in a restaurant :)

The IAPS bi-annual convention is happening right now. One of my paintings is in the exhibit. I found out that the painting sold quickly on the first day of the exhibition, thanks to Jacob Aguiar who sent me the picture below. I am going to have to be there next time in 2019. But one cannot be in two places at the same time. So thanks to everyone who sent and posted pictures of the opening. 

Now time to get my luggage ready and go back home. Back to the routine and my day job as a computer programmer. Life will get busy very fast but memories made will always prevail.

"Across the river" at the IAPS convention exhibit

My Mom's new private collection painted by me :)


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